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With all the challenges of modern life, the ancient art of Hatha Yoga is becoming more and more popular due to the numerous benefits gained from the practice. Yawah Yoga was our first business unit and is one of our core activities as we look to promote better and healthier living. We supply a wide variety of yoga props and accessories that will help to enhance your yoga practice. In addition, Yawah is currently looking at hosting yoga classes and workshops in the new year. We will keep you posted on new developments.

Yoga Ball
Yoga Blocks
Yoga Foams
Yoga Mats
These high quality non-slip mats are lightweight and durable, provide stability and safety, and can be used on any hard surface. Perfect for yoga routines and other exercise workouts.
Colour: Blue
Size: 3.5mm * 174 cm * 61 cm
Yoga/Exercise Balls
Ideal for yoga and abdominal exercises. Benefits include:
increases circulation, improves posture and balance, helps relax muscles and relieve tension, increases flexibility in abdominals, thighs, and lower back
Colours: Grey. Sizes: 75, 65, & 55 cm.
Additional accessories: hand held pump.
Wooden Yoga Blocks
Supports and deepens your stretches.
Improves alignment and steadiness in your postures. Allows for greater extension of the spine and neck.
Size: 7cm * 23 cm * 12cm.
Yoga Foams
High density foams would provide you with excellent support when performing your yoga postures.
Polar Fleece Blankets

Yoga Straps
Assist with stretches and making difficult postures easier.
The following are available:
Cream 196cm cotton with silver metal buckle
Cream 224cm cotton with silver metal buckle

Polar fleece blankets
These soft blankets will keep you warm when winding down at the end of a yoga session or during your meditation sessions.
Colours: Red, Black, Blue, Purple, and Lime Green
Sizes: 127 cm * 152 cm.
These firm blankets are usually folded when used during asanas, to help provide support to the back, to open the chest, or to support the head and shoulders in inversion postures.
Colours: Assorted colours
Sizes: 187 cm * 152 cm.
Yoga Bags
Eye Pillows
Eye Pillows
Yoga Bags
The Yoga bags are made of nylon material and are strong as well as light in weight. Each bag has a shoulder strap, a full length zipper, and a zippered side pocket. The bags are big enough to fit your yoga mat, together with other yoga items such as a light yoga blanket, yoga straps, yoga blocks, while the zippered side pockets can be used to keep your keys and other personal items.
The bags are available in a wide variety of colours with contrasting trimmings, e.g. Khaki with beige trimmings, red with black trimmings, purple with grey trimmings, etc.
Eye Pillows
Ideal for yoga, the eye pillows helps to relax the eyes and soothe away tension. . Use it when relaxing at end of yoga session or simply when relaxing around the house. These can be custom designed and made up on request.
Currently available in red, orange, gold, blue, lilac/purple, and black with design.

More coming sooon......

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