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Company Profile

Company Profile


Mission Statement

Yawah's mission is to bring about positive changes in our world by:

  • Operating a profitable business that would be able to make significant contributions to non-profit spiritual and community service work in South Africa. Some of this work involves community feeding projects and the construction of a spiritual hub in South Africa.
  • Promoting healthy and joyous living through the products and services we offer, such as soya, green teas, yoga gear, and in the near future yoga classes and workshops, and other inspiring products such as T-shirts with positive messages.
  • Maintaining integrity and honesty in all our business undertakings and offering service with a smile J.

About Us

Yawah cc was started in January 2007 as a small business with very diverse interests and focus. We pride ourselves on our client service and pricing.Our chief aim is to bring about positive changes in our world, which is reflected in our business relationships and our choice of business and products. You will find lots of positivity, creativity, and love imbued in our products. We have therefore aligned ourselves with yoga, healthy non-meat foods, corporate gifts and promotional items, spiritual items, and clothing with warm positive designs that will remind us of positive qualities.


Our business is separated into the following business units:

  • Corporate Gifts and Promotional Items for big and small businesses: pens, caps, bags, cups, mugs, etc. We also do beautiful gift baskets and flower arrangements.
  • Yoga: yoga gear such as mats, balls, straps, and numerous other related items.
  • T-Shirts and Tank Tops: we have our own trademarked label, “Divine Designs”, through which we have produced many different designs for T-shirts and Tank Tops.
  • Green Tea and Soya Products: variety of green teas and delicious soya products, which are a healthier alternative to meat.
  • Spiritual Items: Incense sticks, CD’s, japa malas, statues, pictures, etc.

We try to keep a standard product range where possible, but have also worked with numerous clients on many customised orders. Please do not hesitate to contact us regarding any requests you may have so that we can arrange a meeting to determine the scope of work, and thereafter if feasible to both parties, we will gladly help you.






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